Factory Introductoin
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Total area of:3500 square meters
Located in:Shenzhen
Built in 2004

Staff Details
Production Staff: 95-125
QC Staff: More than 8-12
R&D Staff: More than 5-8

Site Advantages/Description
Our factories are located in Shenzhen, the most developed industry area of mainland China.
It takes only one and half hour to drive from Hongkong to our factories, which ensures prompt international delivery.

Machinery/Production Process
Insertion and wave soldering machines
Temperature and humidity chambers, etc.
Purchase component/warehouse/distribute QC check
Screen process inspection/QC check
Surface inspection/QC check
Plug-in inspection/QC check
Semi-finished products warehouse/assembly line/PCB board first adjustment/whole test/assembly inspection,
aging/finish product/packing/finish product final check

Sourced from Japan and Taiwan, our materials include car super-thin DVD chips, TFT 7-inch displays,
chip resistors, chip capacitors.

 1607478459614040076.png   1607479099843035661.png
                                  Production Line                                                                              QC Test            
 1607478183807095966.png   1607478955743030228.png
                                  Production Line                                                                              QC Test           
 1607480436628009292.png   1607480155264009977.png
                                  Production Line                                                                             QC Test
                                  SMT ROOM                                                                                   SMT ROOM   
                         Mold Manufacturing Plant                                                       Mold Manufacturing Plant

                              Burning-up Room                                                                     Burning-up Room

                            Burning-up Room                                                                      Burning-up Room


                          Burning-up Room                                                                         Burning-up Room